Liver Spot Pictures

Generally, when you look at liver spot pictures, you discover that liver spots are flat brownish spots that usually appear in sun-exposed zones of the body. They are also called aging spots. They are independent of the liver or liver function. The medical term for liver spots is solar lentigo, though they are better captured with liver spot pictures.

Cause of liver spots

Liver spots are changes in skin color associated with older skin and they can be particularly noticed if you check out liver spot pictures. The increased pigmentation may be brought on by aging, sun exposure or other forms of UV light, or other unknown causes.

Liver spots are extremely common after the age of 40. They occur most often on the backs of hands, forearms, shoulder, face, and forehead, areas where sun exposure is greater.

It is true that they are quite painless and harmless, but the cosmetic appearance may be affected when you take the pain to view some liver spot pictures. Liver spots may occasionally blur skin cancers diagnosis.

Diagnosis of liver spots

You can diagnose age spots yourself by their appearance, looking at a few liver spot pictures should help you know what they look like. If you are concerned about changes in your skin, contact your doctor. He or she can do tests to rule out other diseases and you may get the chance to view a few liver spot pictures that could be of assistance in case you notice them on another person who is close to you.

Treatment of liver spots

Looking at liver spot pictures shows you that some are very red while others are dark; some are rounded while others are flat. There is hardly a particular treatment that is necessary for most cases of liver spots, considering how different they are in physical appearance. The appearance of the skin may be improved after regular use of bleaching skin creams or lotions. Some liver spot pictures even show some that are thick like moles. A recommended method for the destruction of liver spots is laser treatment.

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Liver Spots

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