Liver Spots And LED Light Therapy

Liver spots are dark pigments on the skin that appear when the body produces melanin to protect the skin from overexposure of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. After the age of forty the body’s immunity against the sun’s rays weakens.  The liver spots are therefore more evident on people above the age of forty and appear on the arms, shoulders and the face. The spots range in color from brown to black. They are however not caused by complications of the liver and the only similarity between liver spots and the liver is color.

They are however harmless to the body and painless.  They have however in few cases hindered the detection of cancerous cells. To have them removed is therefore very prudent. Other people develop emotional distress since they feel the liver spots as quite unpleasant to look at.

A few home remedies have been discovered to quickly eliminate the liver spots from the skin. These may include application of castor oil, aloe gel, lemon juice and many others. Technological advances have however enabled for the quick treatment of the spots through the introduction of l.e.d light treatment.

In the procedure; various colors ofL.E.D (light emitting diodes) are directed on the skin causing cellular activity. The melanin producing cells absorb the light absorb the light and triggers the natural healing of the skin. Light therapy is among the safest, quickest and most affordable available today.  Treatment of the liver spots using this method is harmless and non-evasive since it involves exposure to bright l.e.d light for a short period during treatment.

The light is qiutebright therefore one should wear goggles and aoid looking directly to the light. It is safe and effective for all skin types and ages. There are also no extreme side effects such as irritation or redness. It is also a painless procedure.

Before treatment one should remove any make up and lotions or sunscreen applied and should avoid applying any products immediately after treatment. One begins to observe changes in skin texture and tone after the first treatment but for the removal of liver spots changes will be observed after a few weeks of continued treatment.

L.e.d treatment is quite effective since it can be used alone or together with other skin treatment products for faster treatment. One can get this treatment from spas at a reasonable fee or they can purchase the L.e.d light therapy boxes for use at home. You hold the light boxes directly facing the skin for about fifteen minutes twice a day for a couple of weeks.

The light treatment therapy is nowadays the quickest treatment of liver spots and other skin problems and is also safe and quite effective.


Liver Spots

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