Natural Liver Spots Treatment

Though harmless, liver spots are mainly removed for aesthetic value. The best way to prevent liver spots is by staying away from the sun and sometimes using sun block creams. However once they appear, the ways to treat them is not hard. There are various natural ingredients that can help solve this problem.

Before we start on the treatment of liver spots, it is important to understand the cause of these spots. Liver spots are simply a collection of pigments caused by prolonged exposure to sun rays. They normally appear as black, brown or gray spots on the skin surface especially those surfaces that are exposed to the sun. These spots are completely harmless and there should be no call for alarm once you see them.

Some of the major treatment of age spots is by causing superficial destruction of the skin. This can be done using acids, electric needle, skin sanding or evening freezing. Another option can be the use of laser beams; this is much more precise with much less pain and a shorter time to recover from the laser treatment. Skin bleaching products can also be a remedy for removing the liver spots.

The natural remedies include aloe. This is easy to use; all you need to do is just rub the fresh Aloe Vera juice on the liver spots. Do this at least twice a day and repeat for about a month or two. With time, the spots will slowly fade away. Another option would be apple cider vinegar with a combination of orange juice. You mix the two ingredients in the ratio of 2:1 then using a cloth or cotton wool, apply it on the liver spots.

It is common knowledge that buttermilk can be used as a skin cleanser. The lactic acid in the buttermilk helps clean liver spots as well as making the skin appear more vibrant. All you need to do is to apply the buttermilk on the spots for some few minutes several times a day and wait for results. Castor oil is one other very effective natural cure for liver spots. Rub the castor oil on the spots at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. This is usually very effective and the spots could disappear in less than a month.

Dandelion stem can also be another remedy. Get the sap from inside the dandelion stem and rub it on the spots thrice a day.

Liver Spots

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