Some Natural Cures For Liver Spots

Liver spots, though totally harmless, greatly affect your physical appearance negatively. Therefore, people with liver spots are desperate for treatments that can help remove these dark lesions on the skin, especially the face. Currently, there are various treatment modalities for age spot removal – application of chemicals, laser, cryogens or creams with medications. But if you are afraid of the unintended effects that these aforementioned treatments might cause, then you can try the power of natural products. Moreover, you can prepare them on your own.

One very good natural cure is the rubbing onto the skin of lemon juice which has bleaching properties that help to make disappear the liver spots. Apply lemon juice twice daily ensuring total dryness before going out. Being a natural remedy and not having artificial components unlike other faster treatments, your liver spots will not disappear in just days or weeks. You can also decide to use other fruits that have a high Vitamin C content as a/an alternative like oranges, papayas, guavas or berries.

Another plant that is known in removing liver spots is the aloe vera plant whose fresh leaves can be pulled apart to expose the gelatinous material inside – which then can already be rubbed onto the skin. This gel can heal burns, skin irritation, insect bites, infections and rashes. When applied to skin lesions such as liver spots, aloe vera can slowly make them disappear.

The horseradish root – a plant that has diaphoretic, diuretic and expectorant properties – is also regarded as a good age spot remedy. You just need to add horseradish to vinegar, lemon juice and rosemary and you can already have your very own age spot treatment formula to be applied once to twice a day.

Have you ever heard that eggs are also viewed as a natural remedy for liver spots? Yes, they are! Yes, you heard right! Combine egg white, almonds and lime juice to produce your own age-spot-removing facemask. When it is already dry, you can now wash off the solution from your face with warm water proceeded by colder water.

Lactic acid is another naturally-occurring substance that can vanish liver spots and it can be found in sour milk. You can leave this on your face for about half an hour and then wash it off with tepid water. Sour milk slowly removes the liver spots because the lactic acid it possesses scrapes off the skin’s injured topmost layer. However, this is better than chemical peels because it offers nothing but unprocessed solution.

Now, for those of you who are horrified to try austere treatments, for those of you who do not have adequate funds to pay for these treatments’ expensiveness, or for those of you who have been having a certain treatment for a long time but nothing happens: try some of these natural remedies already and start to see results gradually.


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