What Do Liver Spots Look Like?

Liver spots can alsobe referred to as senile lentigen, they appear on the skin as a colored small or large lesion. Older people are prone to suffer from this condition. A liver spot can appear on any part of the body; they are more prominent on the head and backside of the hand and also seldom occur in the more covered areas of the body. The main cause is attributed to the prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun but it may also be impossible to know the exact cause.

When doing a self diagnosis of liver spots, you will need to pay attention to how they are shaped and colored. Liver spot images show that they are not of a particular shape and can therefore take on several forms. Several images of liver spots show that the color ranges from darkish to lighter shades of brown. They vary in size from less than half an inch to almost an inch. One thing to note is that liver spots are known to cause cancer however, it will be important to consult a medical practitioner in case you notice a change in physical appearance of the spot.

Liver spots are treated by applying a range of skin products that are capable of bleaching. They should however be recommended by a doctor since the skin is a sensitive organ and any damage can be irreversible. A process known as cryotherapy can also be used as another form of treatment. The spot is frozen by applying liquid nitrogen. Many people do not go in for treatment and go on living with this condition. Some times after treatment, the spots can re appear. In such instances, it is advisable to try another form of treatment. It is often recommended to provide adequate information when consulting your doctor so as to ensure that an appropriate solution is arrived at. You will need to note whether the spots have been appearing and then disappearing on their own, if you have been using a bleaching product. Analyze the results that you have noticed and also check to see if any side effects have arisen from the treatment you have used.

Liver spots images show that the sufferer will have visible veins underneath the skin as well as a tough like skin in other instances. Liver spots are common in people who have a delicate skin and in most cases those individuals who are so much exposed to sunlight and those who do enjoy sunburn are the ones with the highest risk of getting this condition. Proper care of your skin especially as regards to extreme exposure to the suns rays is an effective way of guarding yourself against the effects of liver spots.

Liver Spots

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