Are Liver Spots Inherited?

Liver spot is a very common skin condition. it is also referred to  as age spot or brown spot. Many of the older guys around are having the skin condition. It is usually associated with old age. The sun can easily penetrate into the skin and cause liver spot in an elderly person. This is because the skin has lower immunity and it is not able to resist the damaging effect of the UV rays from the sun.  While it is true that liver spot is associated with old age, it had also been discovered over time that it can come up on younger ones. Liver spot is associated with the level of immunity of the individual. If you have compromised immunity, you stand a great chance of having liver spot; irrespective of the fact that you are just a young person. Some conditions that can lead to compromised immune system at such a young age include surgery, sickness and chemotherapy.

Is it inheritable?

Several questions had been asked about whether liver spot is inheritable or not. Those having it are having the fear of transferring it to their kids. Before one can answer the question correctly, it is important to take a look at what the original cause of liver spot is.   This will give a better insight into the inheritable or otherwise nature of the skin condition.

The source

This skin condition is caused by the penetration of the UV ray from the sun into the skin of the affected person. The UV rays have a way of manipulating the melanocytes that are responsible for manufacturing melanin, which is the pigment responsible for skin color.  The mutation will prevent the normal functioning of the melanocytes in producing melanin. It is very important to note that the changes explained above in the melanocytes are permanent.  The changes involve genetic transformation.  It also means that the transformed genes can be passed on form the parent to the offspring. It can then be said that liver spot can be inherited.


The explanation given above is hypothetical. It has not yet being proved through any practical manifestation.   This is to say that things may not actually happen as it had been described above. With time, it should be very easy to prove if liver spot can be inherited or not. The world may have to wait till one of the individuals affected  by the skin condition gives birth.


Liver Spot

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