Can Liver Spots Be White?

Can Liver Spots Be White?

We all know about age spots and that they are caused due to the skins exposure to the sun’s rays and are associated with aging. The color of liver spots mainly range between the colors yellow, red, black and brown. These are the colors you will find often in most images that are displayed on the web or any other picture that displays the effect of liver spots. Liver spots can also be white; white liver spots are more or less similar to the other types of liver spots only that the color varies. It affects all individuals who are aging.

White age spots are also known as the idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis. They are harmless that is they are not cancerous nor do they cause pain.  They are not a serious skin condition that should cause one to panic. As much as the skin condition can not cure on their own it is highly recommended that you don’t interfere or disturb them. White liver spots are usually small during their early stages of growth and may easily go unnoticed. As time goes they grow larger and if no medical attention is taken the spots can spread and cover a larger part of the skin.

White liver spots or idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis as it is medically known affects people of mainly above the age of 40. The skin condition is more prevalent in women than in men however this does not mean that men have limited chances of getting the skin infection. White liver spots affects individuals with light or fair skin, the most common part of the body where you will find white liver spots include arms, face, legs and any other part of the skin that receives direct sunlight.

White liver spots occur when the melanocytes present in the body no longer produce melanin. Melanocytes are cells in the body that cause pigmentation. The main cause of white liver spots is not fully known however the skins exposure to the sun is assumed to be the main cause. Health and liver problems also plays a role in increasing the skin condition. Nevertheless idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis is normal part of the aging process.

In summary do not freak out when you notice the presence of white age spots on your skin. The best you can do is go for medical test to prove that you have liver spots and then seek treatment.


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