Can You Treat Liver Spots?

Liver spots, which are similar to age spots, are skin blemishes that appear as dark pigments on the outer layer of the skin. Though many would assume the condition has to do with the liver, this is not so. The flat, brown spots have to do with aging and damage on the skin caused by too much sun. Fortunately, liver spots can be treated and cleared away. Anyone with these dark specks on the arms, face or shoulders can get rid of them and have their natural skin complexion back. There are topical creams and over the counter moisturizers that can be used to treat liver spots. Most of these products work and produce desired results. Additionally, they are made out of natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that do no cause further harm to the skin. There are also home remedies that can be applied. These are simple treatments that are easily accessible and can be utilized by anyone.


Olive oil, castor oil and vinegar can be used to eradicate liver spots. Rub either olive oil or castor oil on the age spots two times every day. You may also use a proportionate mixture of vinegar and olive oil. This is ideal for the face. Apply it and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing it off. Another workable treatment is lemon or lime juice. The acidic component works to eliminate dead skin which helps remove liver spots. Apply the juice on the spots and then wash off with warm water.


Green papaya is helpful too. Simply grate the raw fruit, squeeze out the juice and rub it on the affected areas. You can also mix the grated fruit with some olive oil then daub this on the liver spots. Rinse it off after 15 minutes. Results are visible after some time but the treatment has to be administered frequently.


Every treatment draws different results therefore get a remedy that works for your skin type. Consulting with a dermatologist can help you make sure you get the right treatment for liver spots. There are medical treatments that can be used on the skin condition. One is laser therapy, which utilizes a laser beam to get rid of the spots. This however requires a number of visits to get all the spots removed. Cryotherapy is the other medical treatment, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the spots. Both treatments are highly effective and treat the skin condition wholly.


Liver Spots

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