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Anyone having liver spots should never bother about the skin condition leading to cancer. It is completely benign. Many individual having liver spot do not bother about getting them removed. When you see liver spots on your skin, you may not really bother about the skin condition. Liver spots can also be referred to as age spot. They are also called brown spot. They however do not have any link whatsoever with the liver. They are only called liver spots because of the similarity in the color of the two of them.

Its prevalence

Age spot is usually related with the sun. The general understanding is that anyone who exposes him or herself to the sun too often will end up having age spot as he or she grows older. The age spot may not come up while you are still younger. But as one grows older and the immune system gets compromised, the liver spots can come up on it. A younger person can also have the skin condition if he or she has compromised immune system through surgery or some forms of chemotherapy.

Where it can come up

Liver spots can come up on several parts of the body. It comes up more in areas that are exposed to the sun. Such areas are the faces, the neck area, the arms and the legs. The face seems to be the area that is most affected by it.  It has a way of making the skin look rather ugly and unsightly. This is actually the only reason many individuals would rather want to get rid of it. Aside the ugly look it can give you, the skin condition does not have any other known negative effect on the skin; it had never been known to lead to cancer.

How to remove it

Liver spots can be removed using bleaching creams. Bleaching creams that can be used are prepared with hydroquinone as the main active ingredient. You only need to apply the cream directly on the liver spots and you can be sure of its complete removal in a matter of days. The topical creams are never known to have any negative impact on the skin. It is however important for you to check the concentration of the hydroquinone present in the topical cream before you make use of it for removing the liver spot. If the concentration is more than 5%, you should not use it on the liver spot at all.


Liver Spots

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