Liver Spot Remedies

Liver spots appear as dark spots on the skin. They can be very irritating especially when they appear on obvious areas such as the face. However one should not be worried, first of all because there is a treatment for this condition and secondly because these are just dark brown spots on the skin that do not have any negative health effects on your body.

There are a number of liver spot remedies. These remedies can be categorized into two: the medicinal remedies and the home remedies. Medicinal remedies are the kind of treatment a patient gets when they visit a doctor. Home remedies on the other hand are the kinds of treatments that can be administered at home using ingredients that are available at home. Both methods are very effective but the medicinal remedies will usually make the spots disappear faster than the home remedies.

Some of the home remedies include lotions and gels that are sold over the counter in shops. These are easily available and are also easy to use. One needs to apply a thin layer of the lotion on top of the skin about twice each day. This should be done repeatedly until the spots finally fade away.  Nevertheless caution should be taken when using these products. At times the lotions may react with the skin and thus causing itchiness. In case this happens, one should discontinue using the lotion and seek an alternative method.

There are so many medicinal methods that can be used to clear liver spots. First of all, there are the bleaching lotions. Just as the name suggests, these lotions do bleach the skin to give it lighter colour pigmentation. Sunlight shields could be another remedy for liver spots and usually used hand in hand with the bleaching lotions.

Another remedy is the laser surgery. This is a non-intrusive surgery in which the laser beans are used to perform the surgery. There are no surgical blades being used and so there is no pain. However this might be quite expensive and tiresome as one has to go for several sessions before completing the treatment.

Another option could be the cryotherapy. In this case liquid nitrogen is applied on the spot to reduce the dark pigmentation. There is no pain and is also very fast. The side effects are minimal and it is the most preferred method of treating liver spots.

Another solution again could be use of chemical peel. A chemical solution is applied to the liver spots and it erodes the upper layer of the skin reducing the dark pigment.

Liver Spots

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